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A Great Dentist
  • TOP NOTCH care! I couldn’t ask for a better dentist. Dr. Taylor is so gentle, considerate and knowledgeable. She checked in after hours and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. I have never been one of those people who loved going to the dentist, but now I truly do!
    - Maggie B.
  • Central Park Dental provides the best care anywhere! Dr. Taylor and her staff are kind, gentle, thorough, informative, and efficient. She has provided me with excellent dental care for many years.
    Dan D.
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Taylor as your dental choice. Her thorough diagnostic skills, top-notch expertise and reassuring manner left me feeling comfortable and confident in my dental choice. She presents herself as highly professional and genuinely caring about you and your dental health.
    - Don T.
  • I have followed Dr. Taylor to her new practice in Stapleton and could not be more pleased with Central Park Dental. Dr. Taylor has a light touch and I trust her advice on all things teeth! Her staff is thorough, kind and efficient. Never have I felt in more capable hands when it comes to dentistry as I do with Dr. Taylor. I look forward to being her patient for years to come.
    Katie F.

Why do my gums bleed?

Periodontal Care Stapleton COBleeding gums are often a sign of inflammation or possible gum disease. Even if you have always been healthy, your oral health can change over time. Pregnancy, age, dexterity, medication, and underlying medical conditions can all have an effect on your oral health. You may even be surprised to know that things like an unhealthy diet or chronic stress can negatively impact your periodontal health.

If we catch gum disease early, we can often reverse it with proper care at home and professional dental cleanings. Contacting our Denver dental office at the first sign of a change in your oral health helps us treat it quickly, often saving you time, money, and discomfort.

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