Crowns and Bridges in Central Park, Denver

Crowns and Bridges in Stapleton, COAt Central Park Dental, we offer high-quality dental restorations to keep your smile looking and feeling its best. When your tooth is weakened due to decay, fracture, or grinding, a crown can repair the damage and protect the tooth for the future. Crowns and bridges are similar restorations, though they serve different purposes. A dental crown protects and repairs a natural tooth that has sustained damage from chewing, teeth grinding, decay, or an accident.

A fixed dental bridge is a series of specialized crowns designed to replace a missing tooth. Two crowns will hold an artificial tooth in place, filling the gap in your smile.

Dental Crowns

Teeth can be compromised over time if they have large fillings, cracks, or deep decay. The good news is that a crown can protect around the tooth to absorb some of the force of chewing and can prevent continued damage to an already compromised tooth.

Dr. Karlyn Taylor will remove the damaged tooth structure and shape the tooth for your dental crown. Crowns come in a wide variety of materials from ceramic, gold, and porcelain with metal base. We can often create highly esthetic all-porcelain crowns for a more natural appearance.

The type of crown that will work best for you depends on a couple of factors:

  • Your bite
  • Location of the damaged tooth
  • Personal preference
  • Longevity considerations
  • Your health goals

Dr. Taylor can make a recommendation that will work best for you and help you make a decision that you feel confident about.

Dental crowns are not indestructible. You should treat them carefully – much like your natural teeth – to avoid damage. If you have a teeth-grinding habit, a nightguard can help protect your investment.

Crowns and Bridges in Stapleton, COFixed Dental Bridges

If you have a missing tooth and a dental implant is not an option, or you simply want an alternative, a fixed dental bridge can restore the appearance of your smile.
The benefit of a dental bridge is that it replaces a missing tooth and closes the gap in your smile, helping to keep your teeth from shifting.

Some things to note about bridges:

  • Special anchor crowns hold your artificial tooth in place. We create dental bridges to blend in seamlessly with your smile so that it appears natural.
  • Dental bridges require some special care. Keeping them clean requires diligence and attention. Special brushes and floss threaders make your job easier.
  • As with all dentistry, regular dental cleanings and exams are a great insurance policy to keep both your dentistry and your natural teeth healthy. We will alert you to conditions such as gum disease, which can put your oral health at risk.

Our comprehensive approach to dentistry allows our patients to enjoy both health and longevity when it comes to their smiles.

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