Preventive Dentistry in Central Park, CO

At Central Park Dental, preventive dentistry is the foundation for providing our patients the best oral care. Did you know that by committing to regular preventive dentistry, you are taking the most active step in protecting the health and appearance of your smile?

Dr. Karlyn Taylor provides preventive services for the whole family that helps our patients prevent many common dental conditions such as periodontal disease and decay. By maintaining regular dental exams, recommended dental cleanings, and routine diagnostic x-rays, we can often catch oral diseases early, when they are easiest to treat.

Preventive Dentistry in Stapleton, COComprehensive Dental Exam

Dr. Taylor’s comprehensive approach to exams covers all aspects of your oral health. Each exam provides a complete evaluation of your teeth, gums and bite as well as a potentially life-saving oral cancer screening.

At the conclusion of each exam, Dr. Taylor will discuss anything she sees that may require your attention. Not only that, she will clearly outline any treatment options she recommends so you can make an educated decision regarding your oral health.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Everyone is different, and we customize your dental cleaning to meet your needs.

If you have great dental health, a regular dental cleaning, which includes removing tartar and polishing your teeth, will likely do the trick. For our patients who have suffered from gum disease in the past, we may recommend more frequent cleanings or periodontal therapy to help you keep your gums healthy. 

Patients love the way our hygienists are both thorough and gentle in their approach. They provide a wealth of knowledge about effective home care and products so you can make the most out of your commitment to maintaining your smile.

Preventive Dentistry in Stapleton, CODiagnostic X-Rays and Digital Imaging

We take regular dental x-rays and digital photos to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. We take the x-rays necessary to identify problems such as decay, bone loss, or infection.

Since we use digital x-rays, they are ultra-low in radiation and easier on our patients than the "old school" film x-rays.

Digital pictures, like those we take with our intraoral camera, help us show you what we see so you can fully understand both your condition and your treatment options.

Fluoride and Dental Sealants

Are you or a family member particularly prone to decay? Fluoride is proven to remineralize weakened enamel and help prevent cavities. We offer fluoride treatments either professionally applied in office, or as daily applications to use at home.

The grooves in your teeth are one of the most cavity-prone areas in the mouth. Dental sealants help to seal the grooves from cavity-causing foods and bacteria that cause decay.  
We can reduce or eliminate decay when we combine these cavity-fighting treatments with your commitment to diligent home care.

Nightguards – Protect Your Teeth While You Sleep

Do you wake up with headaches or neck pain? Do your teeth feel sensitive?

You may suffer from a clenching and grinding habit known as bruxism. Bruxism can cause wear to your teeth that may even lead to cracking or fractures. Rather than constantly repairing your teeth or taking medication for headaches, we can recommend custom night guards to protect your teeth and relax your jaw. A custom nightguard can even help you achieve a better night’s sleep.

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