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Modern dental technology affords us the opportunity to provide more accurate diagnoses at earlier stages of development so we can help you address dental conditions when they are simpler and easier to treat.

At Central Park Dental, we use technology that allows us to provide faster and more comfortable treatment than ever before, resulting in a better experience for you. Here are some of the latest technological advancements we use to give you outstanding care.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Dental Digital X-Rays | Dentist Denver CO | Dr. TaylorDental x-rays have always been among the lowest in radiation in the medical field. The implementation of digital dental x-rays has allowed us to reduce radiation emissions 80-90 percent further, making them extremely safe.

Periodic x-rays help us diagnose conditions such as decay, infection, cysts, and certain types of tumors. We can also use x-rays to determine bone levels when we are planning dental implant placement.

Typically, we take dental x-rays once a year for healthy patients. Of course, if you experience a dental emergency, we may need to take additional x-rays to diagnose your condition.

Because they are digital, we can bring your x-rays up on our in-room monitors and show you the condition of your teeth and dental bone. Since they are stored securely, your private information is safe. Should you require a referral to a specialist, digital x-rays are easy to transfer, making inter-office communication seamless.

Nitrous Oxide

If you have anxiety about your dental appointments or difficulty getting numb, let us know.

Central Park Dental offers nitrous oxide as an option. Nitrous oxide can take the edge off your anxiety, which allows you to experience a more relaxing dental appointment. It also reduces the anxiety that often works against anesthetic.

Nitrous oxide is so safe, we can even use it on kids. It enters and leaves your system quickly, so you do not need someone to drive you home from your appointment.

Intraoral Camera

It's not often that you get to look inside your own mouth. An intraoral camera allows us to do exactly that. We can take a picture of a condition, like a cracked tooth, and show it to you on our treatment room monitors so you can see exactly what the dentist sees. This gives our patients a deeper understanding of their oral health and assists them in making educated decisions regarding treatment. We can also use the intraoral camera to monitor conditions over to time to determine the ideal time for treatment.

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