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DIY Hygiene Kits Are Trending, But They Are a Terrible Idea

March 15, 2018
Posted By: Central Park Dental
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Perhaps a trip to the dentist isn’t your favorite way to spend your time, or it is tough to fit necessary dental appointments into your schedule. Recently, retailers are offering DIY dental hygiene kits, and you might find it tempting to scrape away tartar using these over-the-counter products. As your 80238 dentists, the team at Central Park Dental would like to share some reasons why DIY dentistry should be a big “N-O.”

  • You could damage your gums – Sharp instruments require precise training and careful techniques to prevent damaging the delicate tissue surrounding your teeth. Simply put – you could hurt yourself.
  • You could damage your enamel – Enamel is strong, but cleaning it improperly with sharp metal objects can cause abrasions that open your tooth to decay, stains, and structural damage.
  • Cheap instruments can break – Can you imagine swallowing or inhaling a sharp piece of metal? This would mean an inevitable trip to the emergency room and possible surgery. Many of these over-the-counter teeth cleaning tools are cheaply made and could break inside your mouth.

Professional Dental Cleanings in Central Park (Formerly Stapleton)

Dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays are among the most affordable dental procedures available. Our hygienists receive proper training and education to clean your teeth without damage, comfortably and completely to protect your smile and your oral health.

A focus on preventive dentistry can help to keep serious dental problems from happening in the future – something that is not possible at home. Your smile is too important to trust to discount kits and home dentistry. Our comprehensive and gentle approach to care will leave you with that clean, fresh feeling when you walk out our door.

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Skip the DIY kits and trust your smile with your 80238 dentist, Dr. Karlyn Taylor, to care for your teeth and gums in our Stapleton Denver dental office

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