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3 Ways We Help Relieve Your Dental Anxiety

May 27, 2018
Posted By: Central Park Dental
Patient in Dental Chair | Dental Anxiety in Denver

If you had a negative experience in the past, or experience unexplained dental anxiety, finding a general dentist in Central Park (formerly Stapleton) that will help you feel comfortable is essential.

Dr. Karlyn Taylor and our entire team have a special knack for putting even the most fearful patients at ease. Dental phobia is more common than you might think. About a third of our patients express some fear or stress-related concerns about dental visits.

We are here to help.

Talk to Us about Your Concerns

If you feel anxious, let us know right away. Our professional and friendly team are here to make sure you feel confident and relaxed about your treatment. Sometimes, sharing your fears can be therapeutic. Plus, it gives us a chance to adapt our approach your treatment to your needs.

Rely on Nitrous Oxide for Relaxation

Nitrous oxide is so safe that we can even use it with kids. Busy, working adults appreciate that there is no downtime after nitrous use. It wears off quickly and you can go directly back to work or resume your normal activities.

Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is a mild sedative administered through a nose mask. It can take the edge off of your anxiety and make it easier for you to become numb faster by reducing stress hormones that sometimes interfere with anesthetic.

Our Denver Office Makes Comfort a Priority

Dr. Taylor is kind and compassionate. She will make sure you feel comfortable throughout your appointment by checking in during your procedure and giving additional anesthetic when necessary.

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from getting the dentistry you need for a healthy, beautiful smile. Central Park Dental welcomes new patients and is the practice of a general dentist in Central Park (Stapleton, Denver) who looks forward to turning those negative feelings about dentistry into a positive experience that puts a smile on your face. Give us a call today.

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