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Root Canals Are Your Ticket to Relief: Here's How it Works

April 19, 2018
Posted By: Central Park Dental
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For decades, root canals have been the subject of lots of jokes and horror stories. While it’s true that root canals decades ago were a drawn-out, uncomfortable affair, a lot has changed about dentistry.

It is the 21st century, after all, so you owe it to your overall health and well-being to start viewing root canal treatment in a whole new light!

The Root Canal Myth

First, you should know that being in need of a root canal is more painful than the procedure required to treat it. If you have ever had an infected root canal, you know that the pain can build over time. What started as an unpleasant tingle in your tooth a week ago is now a full-blown, debilitating toothache. That’s when even the most die-hard holdouts turn to their dentist for help.

Unfortunately, it’s this intense pain that most patients associate with root canal treatment. But the fact is that the only way to relieve your pain without extracting your tooth is to visit your dentist for root canal treatment.

During treatment, the damaged pulp and nerve are removed from inside your tooth. The tooth is then filled and sealed, and you will be sent home with instructions for caring for the tooth. In the great majority of cases, any post-treatment discomfort can be easily relieved with an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen.

Root Canals in Stapleton, CO

At Central Park Dental, we understand that even with all the changes in root canal treatment that you may still be apprehensive. If this is the case, please share your concerns with our team so we can provide you with supportive care that fits your needs.

We offer comforting nitrous oxide conscious sedation to help you relax, and Dr. Karlyn Taylor and our experienced team members know what it takes to keep you comfortable.

If you are concerned that you need a root canal, please call us at (303) 388-2400 to arrange an appointment.

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